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Inter4 is a studio for residential and commercial interior design projects that specialises in the creation of architectural volumes, the treatment of surfaces, furniture and mood design with the aim of converting the interior space into a quality experience that is unique and customised for each customer.

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  • > bathrooms
  • > kitchens
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Inter4’s furniture is a selection of the leading national and international brands. This furniture has the potential and the capacity to provide a large dose of added value to Inter4’s interior design projects, but it also fulfils great functional demands that make everyday uses and activities at home, in the office or in other premises easier.

The furniture offered by Inter4 for interior areas and exterior spaces can be viewed and is directly available from its shop at Plaça Jaume Vicens Vives number 8 in Girona (+34 972 410 663).

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Inter4 shop: Pl. Jaume Vicens Vives number 8. Girona. Tel. +34 972 410 663 Tel. +34 972 410 663

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painting > Advertisement painting

Painting is an art that allows one to express oneself on a surface, by means of shapes and colours.

This pictorial practice is one of the vectors of Inter4 interior design studio’s creation. In fact, this practice consists of applying a technique to a given surface to make a composition of shapes, colours, textures, strokes, etc. and to thus obtain the creation of an area through aesthetic principles.

Inter4 studio researches and develops first-class pictorial procedures and techniques from this aesthetic and artistic perspective.

painting > Colour
  • decorative painting
  • lime stucco: combed finish, plastering, sgraffitto, trowelled finish
  • Venetian stuccos
  • Finishing techniques: patinas, grazing, sponging
  • imitations: marble, wood, metals, ageing, skies
  • lacquering with pressurised spray cabin
  • stripping and restoring furniture
  • sand blasting
  • textile and vinyl paper hanging
  • carpet laying
painting > Stuccos

Stucco is one of the artistic practices that uses paint and colour as a way of finishing off or decorating walls and ceilings, whether indoors or outside, that allows different textures to be obtained.

This pictorial technique is highly versatile and therefore adapts to any kind of building or period.

Today, after a period during which it fell somewhat into oblivion, the stucco technique is being appreciated again thanks to the quality of the finish.

painting > Restoration

Conservation and restoration are the set of processes dedicated to preserving buildings, monuments or architectural features which have a historic value or an artistic potential.

Conservation activities consist of examining, documenting, treating, preventing and curing.

For this purpose, Inter4 has access to specialist knowledge and professional assessment that allows it to intervene in any kind of building with full guarantees with regard to refurbishing criteria and the most suitable range of products for each specific project.

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